TheTriSummit is for triathletes who don’t settle. For triathletes who have a growth mindset, and want to get the most out of themselves as we return to racing in 2021. It doesn’t matter whether the goal is to finish, to PR, or to qualify for Kona or USAT Nationals…what brings triathletes together at TheTriSummit is the pursuit of something greater than who you are today.
Featured Speakers
Hosted by the legendary Bob Babbitt and guest host Dede Griesbauer (Ultraman World Record Holder), you will be taken on a journey with 15 top pro triathletes and experts to learn about curated topics in the sport of triathlon, with a particular focus on how to best emerge from the pandemic to successful racing. Your personal best is ahead of you in 2021.
Pro Triathletes
American Kona Record Holder
Olympian, World Triathlon Series Champion
Reigning IRONMAN 70.3 Champion & Challenge Daytona Champion
American Ironman Record Holder
Olympian & multiple time IRONMAN Champion
Coach, Triathlon Legend
Coach, Pro Triathlete
 Cycling Coach
Race Director
IRONMAN Senior Regional Director
CEO of Challenge North America
de Boer
Founder of deboer wetsuits
Registered Sports Dietitian
Registered Sports Dietitian
Sports Psychologist
Storyteller of Triathlon
Ultraman World Record Holder
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March 17
8:00PM ET
The Return to Racing
This event features an exploration of what it will be like to return to triathlon racing after 12 months of nearly zero racing during the pandemic. Can we safely race? Will races ever be back to normal?

Discussion topics include:
- Measures taken by race directors to ensure a safe environment
- Tips to best prepare for pandemic-era racing
- How did Challenge Daytona pull off a race weekend of 2400 racers?
- Races returning to normal – ever? When?

Featuring Challenge Family CEO Bill Christy, Ironman executive Paul Huddle, and Race Director & USAT Board Member Gabriela Gallegos

Hosted by Bob Babbitt
March 17
8:45 PM ET
Avoiding Injury Upon Your Return
With races being deferred from 2020 to 2021, and athletes chomping at the bit to race again, many of us already have packed racing calendars for 2021. How do we avoid injury and overdoing it?

Discussion topics include:
- Recognizing overtraining and over-racing
- Race calendar dynamics unique to these times
- Proven recovery and injury-prevention tools
- Recommendations for a smart return to triathlon racing, without injury

Featuring Mark Allen, Andy Potts and Lesley Paterson

Hosted by Bob Babbitt
March 18
8:00 PM ET
Nutrition Periodization
We’ve essentially had a 1 ½ year Base Phase during the pandemic. How should your nutrition vary during the offseason, Base Phase, Build Phase and Peak Phase? Bob Seebohar, Olympic dietitian for the 2008 US Triathlon team, triathlon superstar Tim O’Donnell, and host Dede Griesbauer, share how nutrition should ebb and flow during different times of the training cycle.

Discussion topics include:
- Defining Nutrition Periodization and why it’s important
- What you should eat, and how much, during each phase of the training cycle
- Nutrition lessons learned from two of the top triathletes in the world
- Sustainability of nutrition strategies
- Fueling for peak performance, optimal race weight and health

Featuring Tim O’Donnell and Bob Seebohar

Hosted by: Dede Griesbauer
March 18
8:45 PM ET
Get Sleeker to Get Faster
For a year, we’ve had the luxury of ignoring our “sleekness” due to a lack of racing. Join us to explore how aerodynamics and hydrodynamics translate to “free speed,” PRs and podiums from Challenge Daytona Champion and the reigning IRONMAN 70.3 Champion, Gustav Iden, and from experts Hunter Allen and Alex de Boer.

Discussion topics include:
- Proven ways to increase speed through technology, equipment and experts
- The most cost-effective solutions for improving efficiency of movement through air and water
- Estimates of gains made through non-fitness-related means (aka “free speed”)
- Gustav Iden’s thought process around optimizing Aero and Hydro-dynamics

Featuring Gustav Iden and Alex de Boer

Hosted by: Bob Babbitt
March 19
1:00 PM ET
Performance Metrics to Master 2021
We’ve never had such a powerful array of tools to measure, measure, measure, as we have now due to technological breakthroughs. Knowing where you are now is the first step to understanding how to get to where you want to be as we emerge from the pandemic. Learn from Olympian Katie Zaferes and Joel Filliol what metrics they have found valuable, and how they leverage them for peak performance.

Discussion topics include:
- Training Periodization
- What tools are available to us, and which metrics should you pay attention to
- How can these technologies be leveraged for top performance
- Pros and cons of using data

Featuring Katie Zaferes and Joel Filliol

Hosted by: Bob Babbitt
March 19
2:00 PM ET
LIVE Q&A with Olympian Katie Zaferes
The floor is yours! This 45 minute session gives attendees the opportunity ask questions of Olympian Katie Zaferes. Katie is a gold medal contender in Tokyo and ITU World Triathlon Series champion, and she is here to answer your questions, whatever they are.

Facilitated by: Bob Babbitt
March 19
3:00 PM ET
Live Q&A with Registered Sports Dietitian Sean Spanbauer
Nutrition is a pillar of triathlon that many call the 4th discipline, and an area with lots of noise and confusion. Get the answers you need to perform your best from Registered Sports Dietitian, Sean Spanbauer, who will be available during this 45 minute session to answer your questions, whatever they are.

Facilitated by: Bob Babbitt
March 19
4:00 PM ET
Take Virtual With You

Before the pandemic, virtual racing and solo challenges were rare. During the pandemic, they were all we had. What’s the right approach after the pandemic?? Can we build better athletes through a hybrid approach where virtual races and solo challenges are part of the training process to yield better performances at in-person events? Learn the answers to these questions and more from Elite Coach Ryan Bolton, top pro triathlete Heather Jackson and sports psychologist Colleen Sager.

Discussion topics include:
- Forms of virtual racing and challenges that exist, and which have proven valuable
- Virtual races and challenges that the guests have done, have encouraged, and have seen
- Mindset of successfully executing virtual races
- Mental health for athletes
- Expert thoughts on taking virtual racing and challenges into the post-pandemic world

Featuring Elite Coach Ryan Bolton, Heather Jackson and sports psychologist Colleen Sager

Hosted by: Bob Babbitt
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